Gulf Coast CO2 Pipelines

Since 2001, we have acquired or constructed nearly 750 miles of CO2 pipelines in the Gulf Coast, and as of December 31, 2020, we own nearly 925 miles of CO2 pipelines in Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. These pipelines include the NEJD Pipeline (183 miles) , the Free State Pipeline (90 miles); the Delta Pipeline (110 miles) and the Green Pipeline (320 miles)

Completion of the Green Pipeline allowed for the first COinjection into Hastings Field, located near Houston, Texas, in 2010, and allows the delivery of CO2 to oil fields all along the Gulf Coast from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Alvin, Texas . At the present time, the CO2 flowing in the Green Pipeline is delivered from either the Jackson Dome area or existing industrial facilities in Port Arthur, Texas and Geismar, Louisiana. The Green Pipeline has ample capacity to transport additional volumes that may be required to develop EOR projects in this area, as well as to support the transportation of CO2 for the emerging CCUS business.

Green Pipeline. Construction of the Green Pipeline was completed at the end of  2010. The 320-mile pipeline runs from the end of our NEJD Pipeline near Donaldsonville, Louisiana (southeast of Baton Rouge), westward to our Hastings Field (south of Houston, Texas). We can currently transport more than 16 mmtpa of CO2 on the Green Pipeline and currently, we are utilizing ~25% of this capacity.  Based on the current and future potential volume of emissions in close proximity to our pipeline, the strategic expansion of this pipeline to transport 2-3x the current capacity, up to ~50 mmtpa of CO2, is being evaluated.

NEJD Pipeline. We originally acquired the NEJD 183-mile CO2 Pipeline that runs from Jackson Dome to near Donaldsonville, Louisiana, as part of the 2001 acquisition of our Jackson Dome CO2 source fields. The NEJD Pipeline transports natural CO2 from our Jackson Dome field to our EOR operations in Mississippi and Louisiana and ultimately connecting to our Green Pipeline near Donaldsonville, Louisiana.  The NEJD Pipeline is an integral component of our Gulf Coast CO2 infrastructure, providing the flexibility to deliver CO2 to our EOR operations and potentially future CCUS permanent sequestration locations.

Free State Pipeline. Construction of the Free State Pipeline was completed in 2006, and it is currently transporting CO2 to our existing tertiary oil fields in East Mississippi (Eucutta, Soso, Martinville, Heidelberg and West Yellow Creek).

Delta Pipeline. In 2007, the Delta Pipeline was completed to deliver CO2 from Jackson Dome to the Tinsley Field (31 miles) in Mississippi, and in 2009, we extended this line another 79 miles to the Delhi Field in Louisiana.

West Gwinville Pipeline. At the end of 2008, we completed the conversion and placed into CO2 service the West Gwinville Pipeline, originally acquired as a natural gas pipeline.  We are currently using the 50-mile pipeline to transport CO2 to Cranfield Field in Mississippi.



Detailed Pipeline and Ownership Information Available Here.

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