At Denbury, HSE is integrated into our operations and processes. Sustaining a safe work environment and being stewards of the environment start with how we conduct our business. Every one of Denbury’s Core Values includes an element of HSE, so that it remains a focus in everything we do.

At Denbury, we are committed to eliminating all injuries and environmental incidents in our operations. Our commitment begins with our leadership and extends to our employees and contractors. Everyone is empowered and expected to work safely and protect the environment by recognizing and addressing potential hazards and stopping any job they believe to be unsafe or threatens the environment.

In an effort to learn from every opportunity, we encourage and support incident reporting at all levels. By studying the root cause of actual events, near misses, and close calls, we can work towards removing and/or mitigating the circumstances that might have led to the unwanted event. Any identified corrective actions are implemented to prevent similar occurrences.

Denbury conducts an annual leadership conference that focuses on our commitment to the development of a culture of safety.  The two-day conference fosters the sharing of ideas, provides clarity on expectations, and sets in motion changes in Denbury’s safety performance. Each year the conference builds upon the safety themes discussed in previous years and features success stories from employees who make a difference in the safety culture in their respective workplaces. Denbury’s Commitment to Safety was captured in a new safety slogan and logo that embodies our philosophy…“Think Safe, Work Safe, Live Safe”. Proper planning and hazard identification allows us to conduct our work safely. We believe that a true safety culture extends beyond the workplace and should be a part of everyone’s daily lives.

The success of any HSE program hinges upon an institutional commitment from our executive management and the awareness and the training of our employees.

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