Corporate responsibility is rooted in the nature of our business. At Denbury, we focus on operating a growing, profitable and ethical company that is dedicated to bettering our employees, our environment and our communities. This report illustrates our commitment to these principles and to transparency with our stakeholders regarding our economic, environmental, social and governance performance.

2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

At Denbury, our corporate responsibility strategy focuses on four areas: Our Company, Our People, Our Environment and Our Communities. There are potential issues in each of these areas that are important and could impact Denbury's success and the well-being of our Board of Directors, senior management, employees, investors, business partners and communities (stakeholders). These material issues provide the foundation of our 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report and are discussed in detail throughout the four sections of the report.

We believe Denbury must seek to continuously improve in all areas of operations, implement high standards of environmental protection and ethical conduct, and work proactively to be a good corporate citizen by aligning our interests as a company with the interests of our stakeholders. Our Board of Directors and management teams, both local and at our headquarters in Plano, Texas, want to hear from you so we can address any concerns and continuously improve in the areas important to us and our stakeholders.

Please reach out to the appropriate contact if you have a concern about our operations, an idea about how we can improve, or anything you want to bring to our attention. Additionally, we would like to hear your thoughts on this Report. As we prepare future reports, we will consider input from a wide range of stakeholders with respect to their expectations for our sustainability reporting and performance.

Board of Directors of Denbury Resources Inc.

Please contact Denbury's Board of Directors at: 

Denbury Resources Inc.
Attn: Corporate Secretary 
5320 Legacy Drive
Plano, TX 75024
Email: secretary@denbury.com

Corporate Responsibility Team

Please contact Denbury’s Corporate Responsibility Team at:

Denbury Resources Inc.
Attn: Corporate Responsibility
5320 Legacy Drive
Plano, TX 75024
Email: responsibility@denbury.com

Investor Relations

Please contact Denbury’s Investor Relations at:

Denbury Resources Inc.
Attn:  Investor Relations 

5320 Legacy Drive
Plano, TX 75024

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