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Owner Relations - 1099s

When will I receive my 1099?

1099 forms are required by law to be mailed out by January 31st. 1099 forms are also available online by logging into your Online Account. If you do not have an online account set up, please contact Enverus at 1-844-608-2255 or ormssupport@enverus.com. Please be prepared to provide your owner number(s).

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Why doesn't my 1099 amount match the checks I received?

The amount required by the IRS to be reported on the 1099 misc. form is the gross amount of your checks (before taxes or other deductions). Your 1099 gross amount should agree with the year to date (YTD) totals on your last check for the year.

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Why did I receive multiple 1099s?

If you have multiple tax identification numbers, you will receive a form 1099 for each tax identification number.

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Why didn't I receive a 1099?

Please ensure we have your current address and social security number. Forms to correct either of these are available on this website. 1099s are issued to royalty owners who have received a gross amount of $10.00 or greater during the tax year, and to working interest owners who received $600.00 or greater during the tax year. Entities identified as corporations are generally not issued a 1099.

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How can I have discrepancies on my 1099 corrected?

Changes will be made upon our receipt of the required documentation in owner relations. The deadline for submitting changes is March 15th of the current year. Please notify us as soon as possible after receiving your 1099 to ensure your information is corrected prior to submitting the information to the IRS.

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How do I report certain income/expenses on my tax return?

Denbury Resources Inc. cannot provide tax advice. Please contact your tax advisor regarding questions concerning your tax return.

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Can I access my 1099 online?

You can access a copy of your 1099 through your online account. If you do not have an online account, you can register at: EnergyLink - User Signup

If you have issues registering, please contact: EnergyLink - Contact Us  

If you have issues accessing your 1099 online, please contact owner relations at ownerrelations@denbury.com  

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