During 2014 and the first three quarters of 2015, the Company’s Board of Directors declared quarterly cash dividends on the Company’s common stock. On September 21, 2015, Denbury announced that its Board of Directors decided to suspend the quarterly cash dividend, beginning with the fourth quarter of 2015.

Historical Dividend Information

Ex-Dividend Date Record Date Payable Date Amount Type
8/21/2015 8/25/2015 9/29/2015 $0.0625 Cash
5/21/2015 5/26/2015 6/30/2015 $0.0625 Cash
2/20/2015 2/24/2015 3/31/2015 $0.0625 Cash
11/21/2014 11/25/2014 12/30/2014 $0.0625 Cash
8/22/2014 8/26/2014 9/30/2014 $0.0625 Cash
5/22/2014 5/27/2014 6/24/2014 $0.0625 Cash
2/21/2014 2/25/2014 3/25/2014 $0.0625 Cash

For administrative information and questions about your dividends, please contact:

Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions
P.O. Box 1342
Brentwood, NY 11717
Phone: (866) 804-4482
Email: shareholder@broadridge.com
Website: http://www.shareholder.broadridge.com/bcis

For general questions regarding the company's dividend policy, please contact:

John Mayer
Director of Investor Relations
Phone: (972) 673-2383
Email: john.mayer@denbury.com

U.S. Tax Information: Per Internal Revenue Code §6042, dividends aggregating $10 or greater in any calendar year are required to be reported to the IRS on Form 1099-DIV.

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