Putting Our Employees First

Employee Well-being & Engagement

We strive to make Denbury a great place to work because we believe it is an important driver to employee well-being, retention and corporate success. We are dedicated to creating a workplace where every employee has the support and tools necessary to succeed. At Denbury, our work culture is relaxed, rewarding, focused, challenging and friendly. We work to create an atmosphere of trust and teamwork that brings out each employee’s unique talents. We believe our most important resource and our biggest competitive advantage is our highly skilled, knowledgeable and diverse workforce.


All of our employees are encouraged to use their skills and creativity in their areas of expertise creating an atmosphere of cooperation and respect. We work as a team to develop innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

We believe in our employees’ right to a safe work environment, excellent work culture and competitive compensation. A culture of empowerment frees employees to develop ideas for tomorrow to facilitate the continued success of Denbury.

Our diverse culture

Diversity & Equal

At Denbury, we strive for diversity and inclusiveness to be a part of our culture. We recognize the benefits we all share as a result of a diverse culture and are continually looking for ways to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment.

In 2014, female employees created the Company’s first women’s group dedicated to developing leaders, promoting professional growth and pursuing excellence in the workplace.

Commitment to Equal Employment

Our Company provides equal opportunities to all employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, gender, pregnancy, national origin or ancestry, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, citizenship, veteran status, membership in the uniform services or any other category protected by applicable law. Denbury makes employment-related decisions without regard to any legally-protected status. Discriminating against anyone because of his or her protected traits is a violation of our Code, Company policies and the law and will not be tolerated at Denbury. 

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Senior management believes that engagement and transparency with our employees is an important part of building trust and helping our employees feel rewarded, heard and secure about Denbury and their jobs. We have a number of company initiatives that focus on employee engagement.

Quarterly Updates

Our senior management team invites all corporate office employees to a quarterly meeting, led by our CEO, which includes an update on our business and company performance, charitable activities, recognition of anniversaries, safety updates, welcoming of our new employees, highlighting key achievements and individuals, followed by a candid Q&A session. An audio recording of the presentation is made available to Denbury employees unable to attend in person and the program is streamed to the field employees. Additionally, periodically throughout the year officers of the Company travel to different field offices to speak in-person with field employees.

Officers of the Company answer questions from employees at a quarterly meeting.

Lunch with the Leaders

On a monthly basis, members of the senior management team invite a rotating group of about 30 employees to an informal lunch. An update is provided on business initiatives and projects, and employees have a direct opportunity to engage with, and ask questions of, our senior management team.

Employees gather at a quarterly honor hour to celebrate anniversaries and accomplishments.

Coffee break with the CEO

Throughout the year, our CEO meets with small groups of 10-15 employees in similar job areas to discuss what is on their minds. These informal meetings provide outstanding bi-directional communication and ensure every voice is heard.

Honor Hour

Each quarter, employees are invited to an honor hour where employee anniversaries and other employee accomplishments are recognized.

Drops of Excellence Employee Recognition Program

Denbury encourages co-workers and managers to reward and recognize their peers and teammates. Our Drops of Excellence Program allows for such recognition ranging from a simple “thank you” card up to a cash bonus for an outstanding exhibition of integrity, teamwork, respect, excellence or innovation. Stories about recipients are used for spotlights on our website and digital signage throughout our campus. Since the program began in 2012, employees have awarded more than 2,370 awards, totaling a value of more than $1.2 million.

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Investing in health and wellness

Denbury believes that promoting health and wellness among our employees and their families is critical to our success and necessary as part of our commitment to our employees. Our focus on the health and wellness of our employees goes beyond compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.

Wellness Program

Denbury’s wellness program serves to encourage, educate and empower employees to take action toward improving and maintaining their health and well-being. Denbury provides its employees the opportunity to participate in “Vitality.” Vitality is an interactive and personalized wellness program that makes it easy for employees to meet their wellness goals like losing weight, quitting smoking, becoming more active, improving diets and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Screening

Each year, wellness screenings are conducted on-site in Plano as well as at various field locations with services offered to both employees and their spouses. Preventive care is covered 100% under the Denbury health plan for enrolled employees and their dependents. In addition, flu shots are offered on-site and free of charge to employees and their dependents (spouse and children).

Health Club Reimbursement

In addition to having an on-site health club at our corporate facility, through the Vitality program, Denbury reimburses employees for a portion of their health and gym club membership fees. Denbury also works with local fitness and health clubs to provide employees discounted membership rates.

Employee Assistance Program

Through Denbury’s Employee Assistance Program, employees can get help with matters such as balancing work and family, staying healthy, finding legal help, locating child care and handling finances.

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A great place to work

Denbury has a long-standing tradition of offering exceptional benefits to its employees. These benefits are designed to help us attract and retain talented employees by creating a great working environment for our employees. In a low oil price environment it is especially important to critically analyze all costs, including employee benefits. We have been working hard to reduce costs and have taken a close look to determine the employee benefits that provide the most value to our employees. We have changed many practices, events and benefits during the last few years in order to be as cost-conscious as possible while still providing the great working environment that is a foundation of Denbury.

Throughout Denbury’s headquarters you will find photos taken by employees. New ones are selected each year and they are rotated around the buildings.

Competitive Compensation

Denbury closely monitors industry and geographical compensation information to ensure that its employees are being paid fairly and competitively. This includes our long-term incentive program which allows employees to annually make allocation elections between cash and equity-based awards.

Medical Benefits

Denbury provides its employees with multiple low-cost medical, dental and vision coverage options so each employee can participate in a plan that is appropriate for the needs of their family.


Denbury matches 100% of the first 6% of each employee’s pay contributed by the employee to their 401(k) plan. Annually, our 401(k) vendor provides educational sessions throughout the country discussing marketplace conditions, retirement planning and investment options.

Employee Equity Ownership

We believe that owning a piece of Denbury aligns the interests of our employees with those of our stockholders. All equity incentives are designed to motivate our employees to increase the value of the Company, which benefits not only the employees, but also the Company’s stockholders. Denbury’s compensation philosophy includes a desire for all employees to be shareholders of Denbury’s common stock. In addition to granting equity to all new hires, each year, all regular full-time employees receive an annual long-term incentive grant. The grants include deferred cash and restricted stock, which vest over three years.

Life Insurance

We want to provide for our employees and their families in the event of a death or serious injury. Denbury provides employees with basic life and accidental death and disability insurance at no cost to the employee. We also offer additional life insurance at a modest cost.


Denbury’s disability program protects our employees financially if they are unable to work as a result of an illness or injury. Denbury provides short-term and long-term disability coverage at no cost to the employee.

Denbury employee enjoying the Denbury Café at lunch.


At Denbury’s headquarters we have an on-site cafeteria, the Denbury Café, which provides complimentary breakfasts and lunches to our employees four days a week. The Café is a daily meeting place for employees to gather and share work ideas or take a break and relax with co-workers. The Café is mutually beneficial because our employees do not need to spend time preparing meals at home to bring to the office and they are also able to be more efficient and productive since they do not use valuable work hours to leave our campus to eat out. Additionally, once a week the Denbury Café will provide a complete “Meal to Go” for families of four for $20. Dinner includes a homemade main dish, sides and dessert.

Matching Gift Program

Under Denbury’s matching gifts program, we match, dollar-for-dollar, up to $1,000 donated by an employee to any eligible charitable organization.

Denbury Events

Denbury hosts many events for its employees and their families. These events create an employee-focused and family-oriented environment.

Denbury’s Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo Military Appreciation Day sponsorship invites all active and retired military and their families, as well as Denbury employees and their families, to attend the rodeo at no cost.

Denbury hosted a Fall Festival full of Halloween activities for Denbury families at our headquarters in Plano, Texas.

Denbury families gathered for an eventful evening watching and supporting a local baseball team outside of Dallas, Texas.

Families gathered at Denbury's headquarters in Plano, Texas for a chili cook-off supporting the Children's Medical Center.

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Message From Our CEO

Phil Rykhoek President and Chief Executive Officer

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