NYSE:DNR $ 1.45 +0.10 +7.41% Volume: 16,537,075 June 23, 2017

Cedar Creek Anticline (CCA). CCA is the largest potential EOR property that we own and currently our largest producing property, contributing approximately 25% of our 2015 total production. The field is primarily located in Montana but covers such a large area (approximately 126 miles) that it also extends into North Dakota. CCA is a series of 14 different operating areas, each of which could be considered a field by itself. We acquired our initial interest in CCA as part of the Encore merger in 2010 and acquired additional interests from a wholly-owned subsidiary of ConocoPhillips in the first quarter of 2013 for $1.0 billion, adding 42.2 MMBOE of incremental proved reserves at that date.

CCA is located approximately 110 miles north of Bell Creek Field, and we currently expect to ultimately connect this field to our Greencore Pipeline. In the future, we plan to install an injection facility and perform minor conformance work at the field to minimize production declines, the timing of which will depend on future oil prices. Our current plan for initiating a CO2 flood at CCA is scheduled several years from now, the timing of which may change depending on future oil prices, pipeline permitting and operations at the Riley Ridge gas processing facility.

Hartzog Draw Field. We acquired our interest in Hartzog Draw Field in the fourth quarter of 2012 as part of the Bakken exchange transaction. The field is located in the Powder River Basin of northeastern Wyoming, approximately 12 miles from our Greencore Pipeline. We successfully completed 5 wells in Hartzog Draw Field in 2014; however, we have temporarily suspended the non-tertiary development of Hartzog Draw Field in light of the recent oil price environment. We believe the oil reservoir characteristics of Hartzog Draw Field make it well suited for CO2 EOR in the future. We currently plan to commence CO2 injections at Hartzog Draw within five years from now, the timing of which is dependent on future oil prices.
1.45 +0.10 +7.41% Volume: 16,537,075 06-23-17
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