NYSE:DNR $ 1.74 +0.02 +0.87% Volume: 1,812,752 December 12, 2017

We use EBITDA, Adjusted Cash Flow from Operations and Net Income Excluding Fair Value Gains and Losses on Derivative Contracts as performance measurements in our presentations to analysts. These measurements are not recognized under generally accepted accounting principles. The reconciliations below demonstrate how we calculate such measurements from our financial statements. EBITDA is a widely accepted measure of profitability that we believe may be used to measure our ability to service our debt. Adjusted cash flow from operations measures our cash flow generated from operations excluding the timing effects related to the collection or payment of our receivables and payables which we believe reflects the available cash generated from our operating activities. Net income excluding fair value gains and losses on derivative contracts represents our net income without regard to the fair value gains and losses on our oil and natural gas derivative contracts. The Company believes that it is important to consider this measure separately as it reflects the economic value of these contracts on our financial statements as a result of actual cash settlements without regards to changes in the market value of the contracts during the period.

Non-GAAP Reconciliations

1.74 +0.02 +0.87% Volume: 1,812,752 12/12/17
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