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The Compensation Committee is comprised of four independent directors. The primary purpose of the Compensation Committee is to provide assistance to the Board in discharging its oversight responsibilities relating to the compensation and development of the Chief Executive Officer and other officers, and to oversee and administer the Company's equity and other compensation and benefit plans. The Compensation Committee's duties and responsibilities, which are discussed in detail in its charter, include:

  • recommending to the Board the design of an overall compensation program and structure for the Company and reviewing the program annually, recommending to the Board overall salary increases, bonuses and other annual compensation, and proposing modifications to the compensation program as deemed necessary;
  • reviewing and approving on an annual basis corporate goals and objectives relevant to the Chief Executive Officer's compensation, evaluating the Chief Executive Officer's performance in light of these goals, and together with the other independent, non-employee, outside directors, determining and approving his compensation based on this evaluation, as well as evaluating the performance of, and review and recommend for adoption by the Board the compensation of, all other senior executives with the assistance of the Chief Executive Officer on an annual basis;
  • recommending to the Board the adoption or amendment of the Company's equity-based and other incentive compensation plans, approving awards, and administering these plans; and
  • reviewing and discussing with management the compensation discussion and analysis and preparing and publishing the compensation report on executive compensation, both of which are included in this proxy statement.
Committee Members
Laura A. Sugg (Chairwoman)
Michael B. Decker
John P. Dielwart
Gregory L. McMichael

Compensation Committee Charter

1.75 +0.01 +0.57% Volume: 432,868 12/11/17
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